Object relations – research project


circus and performance art


Currently I´m investigating the meaning of the object on stage and in everyday-life and its transformation with the help of the U-rope.


Nowadays commodities, medias, things, status symbols and materialism are defining our everyday life. Objects can help to define ourselves, to accentuate aesthetics, tastes and personalities. Objects can protect us, they accompany us. The object can become a partner or a part of ourselves.


I love my car - object relations ©Joan Lavandeira


The project consists of an investigation of this topic on different levels. There will be an analytic approach (discussions, literature etc.), a movement investigation and a more performative one doing “creation in situ”.


As part of the research I´m working with Joan Lavandeira on a performative piece, based on contemporary circus, dance and visual arts, which is looking for a critical view on our relationships with objects and its symbolism that is experienced in Western Europe in the early twenty-first century.



                                                                                                           Happening/ creation in situ on the topic of object relations



For more information and video material, please feel free to contact me.