I Love My Car

I Love My Car is a performative project which overleaps the limits between simulation and reality and reflects on the redefinition of being in a postmodern world, merging together contemporary circus, dance, visual and performance art. A project which approaches new theatre concepts and dramaturgies.

The creation is inspired by philosophical theories about the significance of the object and the hyperreality caused by advanced technologies (concept of the frame by Heidegger, Hyperreality concept by Baudrillard and Barthes etc…). 

The objetive is to bring the audience into a confusion which is the real or virtual reality, where are the borders between natural and artificial, subject and object, being and presenting.

I Love My Car is a joint creation in collaboration with the sound artist Joan Lavandeira  which in 2017 received the grant of research and innovation of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

Currently we are working on a 60min. theatre concept and a 40-60min site specific performance concept. Very soon we will update all information. A website for the project is currently under construction.

Impressions of lst showing at the Arts Printing House Vilnius, Lithuania (16.08.2018) : Work-in-progress Vilnius

Teaser (EP december 2016): https://vimeo.com/200035982


 Work-in-progress showing EP at La Central del Circ, Barcelona  // Photography by Magdalena Lanas Volz